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We welcome alignment with sponsors that share in our commitment to engage citizens in the climate change conversation and that endeavor to elevate their brand with the themes of: Adventure, Female Leadership, STEMM, Sustainability, Innovation, Exploration, Diversity, Climate Action, Alternative Energy and pushing our boundaries



Hearts In The Ice accepts donations to assist in preparations and transport of equipment to Bamsebu, safety and communication, as well as website and social media administration. Your donations support our project outreach through this website and related methods of increasing awareness of climate change and engaging people to make changes to reduce their impact in our world.


Stay in touch and follow us on our journey!  Subscribe to the Bamsebu Blog to get expedition news and updates on Citizen science projects.  Follow news coverage on Hearts In The Ice,  and get access to our Education activities through May 2021..  All communication and satellite data is courtesy of Marlink.

Be Curious

Learn more about climate change and why the impacts in the Polar Regions matter for all regions in the world. Learn about the work being done by others in science and social engagement to report findings, bring people together, and create solutions.  Find organizations and projects to join to make a difference locally and globally. Together, we can all make a difference.

Global Effects

The rate of warming in the Arctic is about twice as high as the global average. When snow and ice melt a darker surface is exposed, causing more solar energy to be absorbed in the region.

Glaciers melt and contribute to rising sea levels. Thawing permafrost contributes to release of greenhouse gases that are presently “locked away” underground.

Climate Change

“As a polar explorer and educator, I support the Hearts in the Ice project which aims to collect important scientific data and raise broad public awareness about the Arctic.”

– Will Steger

Explorer, educator, author, entrepreneur, and eyewitness to the effects of climate change. Founder of Climate Generation

What They’re Saying

“Hearts in the Ice is a courageous, thoughtful and deeply loving initiative.

Courageous on the part of the two women – to leave home, hearth and comfort, to winter in such demanding conditions, thoughtful in the focus – to build awareness of the first-hand consequences of climate change in the Arctic, and deeply loving in the expressed care for our planet.

Homeward Bound is proud to be in alliance. We wish the team all good fortune. We will watch and listen for the unfolding story.”

Fabian Dattner

Dreamer and Co-Founder, Homeward Bound

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