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The HITI Team

Sunniva Sorby, Ettra, and Hilde Fålun Strøm

Hearts In The Ice


Sunniva Sorby, Ettra, and Hilde Fålun Strøm

What inspired another long, dark winter at Bamsebu?

“Climate Change is not taking a vacation so neither are we.”


     By collecting data as citizen scientists and sharing real time observations and stories Sunniva Sorby and Hilde Fålun Strøm are inspiring active engagement around our Climate Crisis.

Their 4 decades of experience in and passion around the polar regions of Antarctica and the Arctic inspired the name “Hearts in the Ice”. Their combined experience includes naturalist guide, explorer, historian, trapper, zodiac operator, boat captain, skier, snowmobile handler, fisherwoman, photographer, firearm handler, kayaker, mountaineer, dog lover and history-making citizen scientists and polar ambassadors.

In 2019-20 Hilde and Sunniva spent a year at Bamsebu with 3 months in the “Polar Night” of darkness navigating the challenges of isolation and the fact that their nearest neighbors were polar bears. They had over 53 Polar bear encounters that winter. They were the first women in recorded history to overwinter in the Arctic (without men).

They are not heroines but they are concerned citizens who believe that we all have the power to make some contribution to the planet that is in dire need of all us to engage and understand what is happening to the ecosystem and our resources.

They return to Bamsebu, the rustic trapper’s cabin built in 1930 for Beluga hunting- which measures a quaint 20 m2 (215 sq ft) to live a rather simple, purposeful existence. From November 2020 through May 2021 they continue to contribute concrete data for a team of international researchers, share real-time observations with students around the globe and stories of their time living off the grid 140 km from the nearest neighbor.

Sunniva and Hilde are only complete with their 3 year old ETTRA who is part Greenlandic Husky and Alaska Malamute. She is not the best early warning system for a nearby Polar Bear, but she is the best companion and they could not imagine life without her company and spirit.

Join us and lets all find some way to give our energy, our time, our curiosity, our protection and our love for the natural places we all inhabit.

Hilde Fålun Strøm – Svalbard, Norway


  “I feel so connected and at home here in the Arctic. Finding ways to protect this fragile, harsh land seems natural to me. We protect what we love.”

Sunniva Sorby – B.C, Canada


“Having explored and borne witness to the changes in the Polar regions for over two decades, Hearts In The Ice is my way of highlighting the changes and engaging action – in a positive way!”

Ettra – Polar Pup Extraordinaire

  “Woof!  I love being part of the Hearts In The Ice team.  I hope you will follow me, Sunniva and Hilde and get involved in the climate change dialogue to learn what we each can do to make a difference.”

Hearts In The Ice

The Home Team

Pascale Lortie

Media & Sponsor Lead

   A native of Quebec, Canada, Pascale has spent over 20 years in the film & tv Industry as a writer and translator. In 2018, she recalibrated her career to meet some of the world’s most pressing issues around Climate change and Mental Health care.

“I’ve been a witness to Sunniva and Hilde’s project from its very inception, and I’m amazed at what these two women have accomplished so far – creating a dynamic, global community around climate issues. So proud to be part of the Hearts in the Ice family for a second winter!”

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Anne Månum

Social Media Lead

   Anne has explored every compass direction around the world. This passion and wanderlust became the impetus for her career in the Polar regions and places in between through sales, marketing, social media and press. Based in Oslo she heads north to the magic of Svalbard at every opportunity.

“I’m so happy to be the social media link between Sunniva, Hilde and Ettra while they are at Bamsebu. See you on Facebook and Instagram, and please remember to sign up for our newsletters so you can follow their work and adventures.”

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Magne Brekke

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

   I am living in Bjørnafjorden kommune outside Bergen, on the west coast of Norway, together with Hilde’s sister Nina. I love them both! 

I take care of the all of the accounting for Hearts In The Ice AS.

“That is my modest contribution to their project. I admire their courage and spirit, and feel privileged to work closely with these two extraordinary women.”

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Sandy O’Keeffe

Website Designer

   Sandy lives with her husband Geoff O’Keeffe near Boulder, Colorado, in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Sandy designs and maintains the Hearts In The Ice website.

“I’m so proud to support the work Sunniva and Hilde are doing – the citizen science, the witnessing, and the outreach. They keep us all connected to the most important truth of all: that all of our dreams, hopes and plans are meaningless without a healthy, sustainable planet to leave for future generations of humans and all life on earth”.

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Joe Grabowski

Education Platform Host

   I started Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants to inspire the next generation of scientists and explorers, and to introduce students to those on the frontlines of tackling climate change and biodiversity loss.

“Being able to introduce students to Hilde and Sunniva, two individuals who are raising awareness about climate change and the power of citizen science is an incredible opportunity. We’ve hosted dozens of virtual events with classrooms, live from Svalbard, bringing in amazing scientists from around the world. I can’t wait for another season of events from Bamsebu!”

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Maria Daniella Castillo

Social Media Support 

   Maria is an environmental health researcher interested in the intersection between air quality, transportation and public health. Born and raised in Bucaramanga, Colombia, she aims to make climate change mitigation personal and actionable by translating science and helping people care about the planet and our own health.

“When I heard about HITI, I was fascinated by the idea of combining women power with extreme citizen science and global education. This project is absolutely beautiful, inspiring and impactful. I’m honored to support Hilde and Sunniva.”

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Kristoffer Halvarp

IT and Satellite Communications Support 

   Svalbard has been my home since 2011 and from this base I have been working with IT and Communications solutions that have connected people, expeditions and vessels from Pole to Pole. I’ve had over 15 years of experience in the industry and love to find solutions for all sorts of technical IT challenges.

“I am honored to be a small piece of Hilde and Sunniva’s support team, with their important work in the Arctic. Keeping them connected so they can share their data and findings to everyone from scientists to school children around the globe is essential.”

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Ellen Kvam

Jewelry Designer

   Ellen is the owner/designer at Ellen Kvam  Norwegian Design.  She designed the Hearts In The Ice products featured in our shop.  She comes from the far northern Norwegian town of Tromsø, a place surrounded by ocean and mountains, where the people are known for their kindness and consistency.

“Nature and wildlife have always represented an endless source of inspiration to me. I am enormously grateful to support these accomplished women as they educate, connect and influence us all. From Bamsebu, they have undertaken an important role in the climate change conversation. I am proud and humbled to be part of this worthy endeavor.

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Geoff Norby

Website Translation 

   Geoff has been the owner/operator of Global Accent Translation Services since 2007. He lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA with his wife, Katie, two kids and two dogs.

“When we met Sunniva, we had been looking for a way to use our professional capabilities to help with climate change awareness. I had no idea then how gratifying this project would become, and how lucky I would feel to be a part of this positive, uplifting movement. These two (and the community they have built) are making a difference at a critical time!”

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