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Hearts in the Ice, created by Hilde Fålun Strøm and Sunniva Sorby, is a platform for social engagement connecting students, scientists, manufacturers, environmental organizations, and all who care about the health of our planet, in the conversation around climate change.

   Hearts In The Ice promotes global dialogue about the changes we are experiencing in the Polar Regions, why these changes matter for the rest of the world, and what we can do about protecting our natural world.

Bamsebu is a 9-month overwintering project in the High Arctic of Svalbard, Norway. From August 2019 – May 2020,  Hilde (Norway) and Sunniva (Canada) inhabit the 20 sq mtr trappers cabin “Bamsebu”- 78’N.  They are the first women in history to over-winter in Svalbard without men. 

Hearts In The Ice promotes conversation on issues relating to adventure, female leadership, STEMM, sustainability, Innovation, exploration, diversity, climate action, alternative energy and pushing our boundaries!

Following months of groundwork, www.heartsintheice.com was launched on October 2, 2018. At that time there was a handful of sponsors, a few dedicated advisory board members, and a small number of committed partners, but most importantly, two hearts with a vision to make a difference bigger than themselves, and the energy to make it happen.  By October 2019 that vision was a reality. Sunniva and Hilde were at Bamsebu and the adventure had begun!  

   Where we are now

Education: Hearts In The Ice regularly engages school classrooms from around the world in the climate change conversation with live satellite video chats from Bamsebu with Hilde & Sunniva plus highly qualified guest speakers

Advisory Board: Hearts In The Ice is advised by an impressive 20 member advisory board consisting of scientists, educators, and business leaders committed to advancing knowledge and expanding the climate change conversation on a global level.

Sponsors and Partners: In the short time since Hearts In The Ice launched, they have attracted 25 Corporate Sponsors providing equipment, services and critical funding, 27 In-Kind sponsors providing every day essentials, and 25 Partners who have committed to furnishing services and promoting Hearts In The Ice through their businesses and social media. 

Citizen Science: Hilde and Sunniva serve as citizen scientists at Bamsebu by collecting data for existing research being conducted in the Arctic. Due to their combined 46 years of observations and experience in the Arctic and Antarctic, they are uniquely qualified and inspired to be of service in this way.

Technology: They are actively testing innovative technologies, including solar and wind equipment from Power Controlls and Assemblin, satellite communication from Iridium, and test an electric snowmobile. They have the smallest carbon footprint possible, reducing all packaging from their suppliers and providers.

Hearts In The Ice


Hilde Fålun Strøm

Project Leader – Bamsebu

Product Manager for Hurtigruten, Svalbard

Married, 2 children, 3 grandchildren, has been living in Svalbard for 23 years

Member of the Negotia Board, a Union

Expedition Leader- Svalbard Summit Ski Festival 2016, Arctic Haute Route 2017, Arctic Ski & Sail 2018, Reality TV Program “71° Nord”

Responsible for all operations of the classic ship M/S Nordstjernen

Meteorological Observer at Jan Mayen and at Bear Island, 2013-14 (8 months total)

Has spent more than a full year total in Trapper’s Huts in the High Arctic

Has had more than 200 polar bear encounters

Has approx 60,000km on Snowmobile on Svalbard

Proficient in big game hunting – reindeer, fox, fowl – Svalbard

Experienced in : Kayaking, Snowmobiling, Glacier Travel, Boat handling – Captain, Skiing, Dogsledding, Photography and Trekking

Sunniva Sorby

Director, Global Sales for Polar Latitudes – Antarctic Operator

Fellow, RCGS – Royal Canadian Geographical Society

Resident of Squamish, BC, Canada

Member – Historic Women’s South Pole Expedition 92-93- First Canadian Woman

Expedition Leader Greenland Crossing 1999 – First Canadian Woman

Expedition Leader King George Island Crossing 1998

Skied Sierra Haute Route 1996

Climbed Kilimanjaro 5 times

Lead Instructor for Adventure 16 – Backpacking, Backcountry Navigation, Winter camping

Born in Tonsberg Norway –  raised in Canada

Nominated as Woman of the Year in 2002 for efforts to promote sports education for young girls and women

Worked as Historian/Zodiac driver in Svalbard, Canadian Arctic and Antarctica

Frequent lecturer in Antarctica and on Polar regions – for over 23 years

Experienced in Mtn Biking, Running (8 marathons), Glacier Travel, Trekking, Kayaking and has one good eye for a firearm

What They’re Saying

“We are so thrilled Sunniva and Hilde are bringing awareness to the poles and have partnered as Citizen Scientists with FjordPhyto!

The polar regions are dynamic and changing fast. These changes affect the biology of the ecosystem, starting with the food source – phytoplankton.

The power of monitoring change comes from data gathered week after week. Sunniva and Hilde are in the perfect position to be at the front lines, helping further our understanding of how these precious places operate.”

Allison Cusick, FjordPhyto Project Lead Scripps Institution of Oceanography

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