What We Do

Hearts in the Ice was created to deepen our understanding of how powerful individual action can be to add value to our knowledge around climate change and what we can each do!

With expertise in collaborating with a Global network of diverse partners Hearts in the Ice is a platform that inspires, connects, educates, and ignites collective action around pressing Climate Change issues.

Together, we are navigating towards a more thoughtful and sustainable way forward that will impact all of us, our children, and our natural world. We are citizen scientists serving as a bridge between climate science and people young and old to help them understand the facts and data so they can take personal action.

By May 2021 we have reached over 100,000 students from around the world through their education outreach and twice monthly video calls hosted by Exploring by the Seat of your Pants with global experts.

 How We Do This

We Educate– via free monthly hosted video calls connecting experts and youth around the world.

We Inform– through our own research and partners by sharing solutions and ideas that are sustainable and necessary.

We Inspire– through our storytelling, social media content and imagery to foster hope

We Connect– via our community of individuals that care and our diverse group of stakeholders and organizations that are working tirelessly to protect the polar regions.

We Act– by showing up and speaking at industry events, Arctic and Antarctic Assemblies and United Nations Climate Conferences.


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