Here we are on our send-off trip Sept 2019 with Geoff Norby, Global Accent Translations.


Dear Hearts in the Ice family,

What happened? It’s already February 2024 and its been some time since we have shared anything.
We are busy planning next steps and gearing up for yet another voyage in Svalbard Sept 5-9th 2024 with a pre-trip climate Conference. We have also been busy with groundwork and logistics for our Elder led youth wilderness camp in Cambridge Bay later this summer. And we are onboard the Fridtjof Nansen from Iceland to Greenland June 2024 for a most special voyage.

We remain as committed as ever to being voices for change, but in a way that elevates us all and inspires action. Truth be told- It’s not been easy.
Easy has never been a place we dwell for too long which is why we have been proactively looking at ways to engage people from all over in more personal ways. In today’s world we need trusted voices.
We believe that our greatest asset is each one of you. Friendships and collaborations formed over the years with people we might not have otherwise met.
I suppose the underlying message there is – Show up for things you care about and your community will surround you. It’s a beautiful thing!

As we navigate through the vast expanse of our journey in the Arctic, we are continuously reminded of the importance of connections—connections to the land, to each other, and to those who support our mission from afar.
Today, we want to shine a spotlight on one such individual whose contribution has been invaluable in amplifying our message and bridging the gap between languages and cultures: Geoff Norby from Global Accent Translations.

Geoff has been an integral part of our team, lending his expertise in translation to ensure that our message reaches hearts across the globe. Sunniva first met him at an Outdoor Retailer show in Denver years ago. He was smitten with Svalbard and what we were about to embark on back in 2019. He joined our send off with his business partner Ryan, met our families, friends, scientists, press and struck up a friendship with Joss Stone- who was also onboard.

Here is a short Q & A  from Hearts in the Ice with the man himself- Geoff Norby:

You were on our Sept 2019 send off trip from Longyearbyen.
What were your thoughts when we stood at the tip of the land at Bamsebu waving goodbye to all of you on the ship?

It was quite overwhelming! The first thing that comes to mind is pride – I was proud of you two for attempting such a great endeavor (and eventually succeeding in a big way!), as well as pride in being a small part of your success. Maybe a tiny bit of anxiety – you looked pretty small against the mountain backdrop as we pulled away – but I knew you had prepared and were as ready for the unknown ahead as anyone can be. Short Clip from the send-off from the Weather Channel.

Can you share one or two most memorable moments from that send off trip?
It might be hard to pick just one or two! Honestly, meeting Kim Holmen and listening to his wealth of knowledge on the Arctic was unforgettable. One of Joss Stone’s after dinner performances was amazing with the mountains quietly passing through the windows of the ship in the background as we cruised through the fjord. And finally, throwing on the wetsuits and moving the gear and snowmobiles from the zodiacs to the cabin was a really fun hard day’s work. We earned our lagers that day!

Tell us about the project that you did with Joss Stone?
On Joss’s “true” world tour, she visited every country in the world and not only played a concert, but also played an intimate gig with a local musician, and then visited a charity organization (in every single country!) After she was done, she needed linguistic help to put together some of the videos for her Foundation webpage. We helped with translation and transcription for the domestic abuse shelter in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia, and the shelter she visited in Iraq. Her compassion is one of a kind, and we were so glad to lend a helping hand.

Do you feel that language is a great connector? If so, how ?
Absolutely – using language as a human connection is more important than it has ever been. In this era of globalization, it is up to us to reach out to other societies and cultures to understand their beliefs and reasoning and build relationships. The rise of automated linguistic solutions is very helpful, and should not be understated, however, it can be basic and transactional. To learn another language is to learn another culture and way of life, and we are all better humans if we keep that in mind. And not only that, it is a lot of fun!

How has hearts in the Ice inspired you over the years? if we have 😉
I am so lucky to be a part of the Hearts in the Ice project. It has inspired me to not be afraid to lean into real work and challenges in order to support the issues I believe in. I am drawn to people who don’t let fear get in the way of their endeavors and aspirations, so Hilde and Sunniva are great role models in that regard. I’m also inspired by the scientists and researchers who dedicate their lives to finding out the truth on some of these major issues. We all have to push ourselves to the limit sometimes in order to make this world a better place. I can’t thank Sunniva and Hilde enough for this journey!

As we continue our mission and work, we carry with us the knowledge that we are supported by individuals like Geoff who believe in the power of connection and the importance of coming together to address the pressing issues facing our planet. Thank you Geoff!

Check out  to learn more about Geoff and his work. 

Mark your calendars!

Grab your Valentine and Join us in Greenland June 2024
Hilde and Sunniva will also be onboard the MS Fridtjof Nansen departing from Reykjavik Iceland to Greenland for an 18-day magical voyage up the west coast of Greenland and back to Iceland. We have some special guests joining us for this “Polar Women special” including Milbry Polk, Kristen Olesen and Diane Fiedler. We guarantee an experience to tap into all senses and offer fresh new perspectives. Please tell them Hearts in the Ice sent you.
June 24th 2024-Heart of Greenland voyage  16 days 

Antarctica Dec 2024
Onboard the MS Fridtjof Nansen
Dec 7th 2024-Highlights of Antarctica 12 days

Thank you all for being part of our family of heartbeats.
Please share us with your network and if you are inclined we invite you to continue to support our work.

With big hugs from the Polar Girls!
Sunniva, Hilde & Ettra  xxx

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