Hello to our Hearts in the Ice family!

If you have been following our feeds lately you know that we have not stopped moving around so we wanted to share a few updates. Flying around is not sustainable- we know this so we have carefully selected where we go and why. We have now been home for almost as long as the 19 months we spent at Bamsebu. To be honest, – we are still adjusting. 

The experience of living offline

The experience of living offline, generating power through solar and wind, utilizing so little and being able to give so much through our time with data collection and connectivity to youth around the world life has forever shaped us and our sense of urgency to speak up and show up.

We are in trouble as people and as a planet- we all know this and some of us feel it more than others.

New partnerships & new events

Hearts in the ice has grown to include new partnerships that also understand this urgency around the need for social change to reduce our emissions and share solutions that drive action and keep us inspired. No one company is perfect so know that our alignments with nonprofits and organizations is because “we know” they are transparent in moving the needle towards a sustainable future. 

Polar Bears International & Canada Goose

Our goal with these partnerships is to increase our platform and audience and share more ways that you, the reader, can play an active role in your community, your home or your organization. Coming up in December our focus is on polar bears, sea Ice and the recent Cop27. 

@Canada Goose is our education partner as we highlight the great research and work that @Polar Bears International is doing in the Arctic. 

Make sure to check our events page to sign up: https://www.heartsintheice.com/events/

To Antarctica with Hurtigruten 

In January we are headed to Antarctica with @Hurtigruten where we will be onboard the world’s first battery hybrid Expedition Cruise ship that we are godmothers for – the MS Fridtjof Nansen. This will be the first time we sail with her and we plan to broadcast live from the Antarctic Peninsula. 

New Expedition Project

Of course once an explorer always an explorer so Hilde and Sunniva have been hard at work to lay out plans for the Cambridge Bay Expedition Project. To tell the full story of a changing Arctic is to tell the human story and not one that we’re used to seeing of indigenous peoples as victims of climate change but as “uniquely placed specialists” who can help all of us understand why a changing Arctic affects us all. We will highlight the community Elders in Cambridge Bay as the community science experts they are. We will share more soon.

If you want to support Hearts in the Ice – please share us with your friends or consider any amount of monetary support or reach out to us to speak internally to your team. Time waits for no one, so we will continue to work as hard as we can to elevate, inspire and affect the change needed.   

With hugs from the Polar Girls and Dog licks from Ettra, Sunniva & Hilde




Partnership with Polar Bears International

Partnership with Polar Bears International


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