Here is the amazing man that had our backs for 19 months while we were at Bamsebu.With our Tele-Med kit we could video call with Dr.Ole Tveiten for any emergencies. Here he is visiting Bamsebu for the first time- Sept 2023


Dear Hearts in the Ice family,

What a fall it has been! As we celebrate 7 years this month of friendship and changed lives; we did after all leave our full-time jobs to start Hearts in the Ice; we feel even more deeply committed to the work we are doing. Like many startups and great ideas, everything takes time to grow into something that has value. Our greatest asset is all of you and for that we are eternally grateful.

Svalbard Arctic Expedition 2023 We have just returned from our 3rd Arctic voyage in Svalbard where 70 invited International guests joined us in panel conversations and adventure to deepen our understanding of Arctic sea ice changes, global climate change and ideas on solutions and how each of us can play an active role. We brought together students, scientists, artists, manufacturers, politicians, environmental organizations, explorers and leaders who care about the health of our planet. It was a deeply powerful platform to drive action and build community. Our 3 panel session topics were : Storytelling and Outreach, Science Communication and Leadership and Action.This is a platform we will continue to build on as in-person gatherings like this are so powerful!

Showing up Travel is consuming both from a time perspective and emissions output.It’s fair to say that people will not stop travelling so it matters that we question why and how we travel. Optics count- especially for platforms like Hearts in the Ice. Nature tourism has sparked change in conservation management practices, leading to preservation of ecosystems, local culture and policy change. With thoughtful content, the right people in the room- we can define and quantify the value of trips like ours using a sustainable ship as a platform.

Since tourism in Svalbard will increase, staying at least 3 days adds value to the local businesses and adds to the visitors understanding of the local challenges and important education outreach the community drives to elevate.
With our extra days in Longyearbyen we joined the students at UNIS for the Climate March- the degree to which they show up for issues that concern them gives one pause and we are reminded how impt it is to show up for what you care about.

Supporting Women in Science & Exploration
Mid-October Hearts in the Ice joined a panel on “Women in Polar Science and Exploration” that included Ann Bancroft, Liv Arnesen, Dr. Ulyana Peña, and Dr. Maria Tzortziou. It was held in New York and hosted by Wings World Quest.
We are proud carriers of the WINGS flag and while our stay at Bamsebu in 2019 went from 9 months to 19 months due to covid they provided us with some emergency funding. Women supporting Women- a formidable combo!

What’s next on the calendar?
Some of you may know that Sunniva and Hilde are Godmothers for Hurtigruten’s MS Fridtjof Nansen right? From time to time we travel onboard to visit the Captain and crew, give presentations, join the science boat and share our passion for citizen science.You are all invited to join us. We have three wonderful trips- one north to Greenland and two south to Antarctica.

Antarctica Jan 2024
Join us onboard the MS Fridtjof Nansen for an unforgettable voyage to Antarctica January 21st 2024- Antarctic Circle Voyage  18 days.  This voyage aims to cross the Antarctic Circle for deeper immersion,more time south and more wildlife sightings!

Greenland June 2024
Hilde and Sunniva will also be onboard the MS Fridtjof Nansen departing from Reykjavik Iceland to Greenland for an 18-day magical voyage up the west coast of Greenland and back to Iceland. We have some special guests joining us for this “Polar Women special” including Milbry Polk, Kristen Olesen and Diane Fiedler. We guarantee an experience to tap into all senses and offer fresh new perspectives. June 24th 2024-Heart of Greenland voyage  16 days 

Antarctica Dec 2024
Onboard the MS Fridtjof Nansen
Dec 7th 2024-Highlights of Antarctica 12 days

Thank you all for being part of our family of heartbeats. And thankyou for supporting the outreach we are doing.
We are only as strong as our partnerships and it really helps us to know you are all out there doing your part. Please share us with your network and if you are inclined we invite you to support our work.

With big hugs from the Polar Girls!
Sunniva, Hilde & Ettra  xxx


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