Its dark here at Bamsebu – our 20sq mtr trappers cabin. The little bit of light we do have we run outside to capture with our camera, our beings and our senses. Black Friday means something entirely different here as we are in the long polar night.

A night where ‘black’ overtakes our scene until February. Back home we know it’s a shopping frenzy and habits take over. It’s hard to break habits unless you do something very dramatic, like, say – move to Bamsebu for nine months! We’ll take on that challenge.

So here is your challenge – get outside today! Put on your raincoat, down jacket, running shoes, flipflops or hiking boots and GET OUTSIDE! Take a friend or neighbour with you and remind yourself that you have absolutely everything you need – and more. After your little expedition outside march into your closet and grab some clothes that you have not worn for a while, this might satisfy a need to shop. Better yet grab some clothes and gift them to your nearest thrift store.

By way of disclosure both of us have taken more than we even need here at Bamsebu – in terms of clothes that is. We still wonder if we have enough cheese, chocolate and potato chips – but we will survive. We have been here for over 70 days. That is almost the same amount of time it took Sunniva and team to ski to the South Pole. No shower. No shopping. No problem.

We are all immersed in a culture of consumerism. A culture that encourages us to take. Like all of you we are trying to be mindful of our choices since all thoughts and actions impact our resources and our planet.
We can reuse, recycle and re-purpose. It’s actually a lot of fun and pushes that creativity button. Our parents’ generation seemed to be far more thoughtful, they did live with fewer choices. Hilde grew up with hand me down clothes from her brothers and sister, often shopped at thrift stores and Sunniva went “dumpster diving” to get furniture for her first home.

Let’s all get outside today.

Explore. Dream. Discover. Re-gift. Re-purpose. Recycle. Shower less. Be more.

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