It’s a very real and true fact for us here at Bamsebu that we can find almost anything and everything we need right under our beds. For those that have lived in a van, any sort of tiny living or had their most coveted items nearby and underneath – you can relate to this, yes? We thought it fitting to share a few details around what lies beneath (pun intended!) since we are sharing a tiny space and have so much going on here all at once.

We have become master space savers so if any one of you have decided, as one of your New Year’s resolutions, to downsize from say five rooms to one small tiny space, just call us, we have a few tips for you!

Let us know what lives underneath your mattress or bed? Sunniva knows that when she visits sister Bettina she can always find all sorts of wrapping paper, photos and clothes under the bed in the spare room and Hilde knows that if she ever needed some fun magazines she could always find them underneath her brothers’ bed. Storage. Space. Excess. Clutter. Utter confusion. What do we really need? What is really important?

It’s known that most homes have not one, but 2 junk drawers – repositories for just about everything! We don’t have space for a junk drawer here and every nook and crevasse we have is used. To give you a snapshot of the Bamsebu master space savers here is what we have under our beds:

Eggs, crate of fruits/vegetables, milk, beer, wine, long underwear, a few sweaters, socks, a few jackets, gloves, hats, a drone, a microscope, workout clothes, sparkling water cans, a workout bin (with TA2 bands, yoga mats etc), a spotting scope, camera gear, hard-drives, magazines, writing material, snacks and chocolate (for post workout), Christmas presents and decorations, surprise gifts for each other (celebration is key here!), ammunition, and so many wonderful cards and letters we have yet to open from all of you!

Preparing for our 9 month stay here has been the ultimate lesson in “downsizing,” de-cluttering and answering the question – what is really necessary?

As we all enter the holiday period we want to share our deepest gratitude for your cards, letters and loving thoughts that have made it all the way up here and into our hearts. The best gifts we can share and give are time and love – there can never be too much of that. Thank you!

So – take a second to re-gift, reuse, recycle something that has been collecting dust under your bed – but don’t forget to clean the dust off first!

Take another second to re-evaluate what you really need and what you might take if you were to spend 9 months up here at Bamsebu.

Lastly – take another second to make that phone call, write that card or letter and remember that the best gift ever is the time you take to share your love with people, creatures and the places you inhabit!

We forgot to mention one last thing we have stashed underneath – our Christmas dresses and heels that we will pull out next week! Yes- celebration and keeping things lively and fun are absolutely free!

Embrace each other and embrace our planet!

Big hugs from Bamsebu

Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life. Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.
Rachel Carson, “The Sense of Wonder”

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