I can’t hear what you are saying, what you do speaks so loudly.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Having a link to the “outside world” to communicate has been the cornerstone of Hearts in the Ice. Last July, two days before Sunniva left Canada for Svalbard she received the 2nd Thales-MCD Mission Link produced for the commercial market – “hot off the press”! As the first “civilians” to use this device – designed primarily for the Maritime industry and Military – it’s now been thoroughly tested! Combined with our handheld Iridium devices these are our “link” to the world.

History has shown the powerful tool information is to create effective change, mobilize and inform and the power it is has to erode, destroy and paralyze our soul and spirits.

We hear heart wrenching news of unrest, news of a wound that has festered unresolved for decades now, ripped wide open to expose injustices endured far too long by humankind. We hear of riots, injury, destruction, looting and chaos.

We are at the tipping point as the earth, its people, and species are rotating on an axis that is wobbling off center. We do need to recalibrate our compasses. This is an important time for all to be better equipped to lead, influence and shape the future of our planet and the future of all people.
If we are going to make any changes in this world as it relates to racism, sexism, ageism, climate change we must individually model the change we wish to see.

This is a time to question what we value.
This is a time to stand up, speak out and model the leadership and ethical standards and values we demand from elected officials and each other.
We must, we absolutely must take gentle care of ourselves and each other. Be kind.
Respect our differences. Embrace the diversity we all represent. Look at others as teachers for something you need to learn or understand.

Our voices matter. Protest and having our voices heard is part of our democracy and freedom of speech. How profoundly powerful our voice is when we stand up for what we believe in. Look at Greta Thunberg. It is our right as people and it is a good thing because the point of it is to raise public awareness and put a spotlight on leadership that does not include nor speak to and for all of us. We have millions of people around the world that have been living for years in marginalized circumstances without access to resources they so richly deserve. Just because we cannot see them does not make this fact go away. We have many species that are extinct and habitats around the world that are forever changed by our actions. Just because we cannot see this does not make the fact go away.

Being isolated for 9 months as we have been here at Bamsebu heightens our connection to everything.
It elevates our ability to feel, listen and to understand our place in this world.
Our energy is channeled into understanding our unique and powerful role in this web of life. What can we do? Where am we most needed? How can we be part of the problem so that we can find solutions? This is a time in our world where fear, sadness, uncertainty, and extreme hardship are bringing out the best in all of us and also exposing what no longer works for all. Taking action is one thing and being reactionary is entirely another. We are working on a “Bamsebu Blueprint” actionable tools that include sustainable solutions for individuals and the Polar Travel Industry – stay tuned!

Maria Philippa and Pascale Lortie, 2 very thoughtful, special women, have been managing all social media and press in English, Norwegian and French. They have been replying to your emails , responding to comments and have been our voice.
Getting news and information is golden here without tv, or radio. Our news comes from the diverse wildlife around us, the violent shakes and sounds from the storm and the quiet peaceful stillness that is found here at Bamsebu.

We must find meaning in all of the suffering and hardship and in so doing we can find a purpose by serving others. We are a resilient species.
Let’s all exercise our intellectual flexibility as we work to adapt to changing circumstances. A very smart man once said:

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that create it.
– Einstein.

Intellectual flexibility with a dash of oxytocin = a great start!

Big hugs from Bamsebu, Sunniva and Hilde

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