4 nights / 5 days voyage, invite only, the hearts in the Ice community, unites students, scientists, artists, manufacturers, environmental organizations, thought leaders and all who care about the health of our planet, in conversation around climate change.

We are all living in the defining decade with a window of opportunity to address climate change, biodiversity loss, sea ice loss and other issues.

From recording a Nasa rocket launch, capturing time-lapse of aurora and shifting ice to observing over 100 Polar Bears, Hilde, Sunniva and Ettra collected samples from phytoplankton to ice-cores all the while connecting with youth around the world.

What did Hilde and Sunniva learn after spending 19 months alone without running water or electricity, six of them in total darkness? What is the value of citizen science? What can observation, indigenous wisdom and immersion into nature teach us about resilience, compassion and care as we all work to solve the big problems?


  • Price per person: NOK 14.900/ USD 1550 per person, shared cabins.
  • 4-day voyage, full board and all excursions included.
  • Flights, drinks and optional overnight in Longyearbyen additional.
  • Flights from Oslo to Longyearbyen can be booked through www.flysas.com or www.Norwegian.com. Flights are very reasonable. We have hotel recommendations in Longyearbyen as well.
  • Departure Thursday September 8th at 1700 from Longyearbyen. 
  • Arrival Longyearbyen Monday morning at 0800 September 12th.
  • In case you are staying longer and want to do some additional activities in the area, check out the activity calendar: https://hurtigrutensvalbard.com/en


Read more about the voyage itinerary and the ship M/S Nordstjernen here.

Booking and booking related questions

Send us an email: heartsintheice@gmail.com  

Together, we are navigating towards a more thoughtful and sustainable way forward that will impact all of us, our children, and our natural world. Join us as we work to be part of the solution.

Sunniva, Hilde & Ettra 

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